GDPR Easy Read: Are CISOs facing even more challenges?

Mar 31, 2020 12:00:00 AM | EU GDPR Easy Read: Are CISOs facing even more challenges?

As a Chief Information Security Officer, you hold a vital role in protecting your organisation's most valuable data as well as their reputation. With experts suggesting the numbers of cyberattacks and data breaches to increase in the upcoming years, your role as a CISO could prove even more decisive. Recent reports have suggested that in the ever-growing pressure CISOs are met with, many are bridging cybersecurity and data privacy together.

This includes keeping up with the EU's GDPR and the numerous obligations it provides. As you continue to establish your organisation's visions, strategies and programs to ensure information assets are properly protected, how are you bridging data privacy compliance with cybersecurity? 


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With the substantial amount of tasks on your table already and the limited amount of time you have, how do you begin to keep up with the ever-changing obligations of the GDPR?

Having the right tools to help you maximise work on your GDPR compliance could prove crucial
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