GDPR Easy Read: How decisive is it for your company's compliance efforts to provide the DPO with the right resources?

May 1, 2020 1:01:48 PM / by PrivacyPerfect

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a role that's often met with growing pressure and mounting challenges due to the complexity of obligations to the GDPR, a substantial amount of workload, and the dependency of contributions from other departments within the company. With reports revealing that companies will continue to gather an increasing abundance of data to work with, providing the right tooling and resources to your DPO could prove essential for a company's GDPR compliance efforts. At the end of 2019, a study was conducted to look into how DPOs themselves weighed up on this importance. As DPOs often find themselves struggling to gain this additional support, let's take a look into the facts and figures that highlight this struggle. Most importantly, we'll also see how we can change this obstacle, into an opportunity. 
A study involving 471 DPOs aimed to look into their different challenges and priorities coming into 2020. With experts predicting 2020 to be a very decisive year in organisation's data privacy compliance efforts, the pressure on DPO's are mounting more than ever. As governments continue to update and revise regulation standards, compliance with the GDPR is a challenging task.
DPO_Struggles_pg1-2DPO_Struggles_PG2DPO_Struggles_Pg.3-1As your organisation continues to gather personal data, keeping up with the GDPR is essential. However, with challenges such as keeping up with regulatory changes and the many obligations that come along with it, your DPO would need the right support. Investing in the right tools to help achieve this necessity could prove crucial in the long run. As more and more businesses continue to see the GDPR as an obstacle, some see it as an opportunity.  

PrivacyPerfect offers DPOs a seamless experience in keeping up with the GDPR. With an environment that's complete with legal concepts explained, templates, key security measures in placeregular updates according to the GDPR, and numerous other vital key features, it ensures both a time and cost-efficient way of maximising GDPR efforts. 

Are these the kind of features you as a DPO is looking for to take compliance efforts to the next level?
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