GDPR Easy Read: How crucial is it to gain a complete overview of company data for cutting down unnecessary costs?

Apr 24, 2020 9:59:14 AM / by PrivacyPerfect

Organisations worldwide are collecting an abundance of personal data. With the various opportunities and benefits of making sure that data is optimised, more businesses are moving to data-driven practices. However, as more data is being collected, businesses are also facing unnecessary additional costs and risks.

Research has revealed that businesses in numerous sectors are collecting large amounts of redundant data and spending large amounts just to manage it. By the end of 2020, this total cost is predicted to reach an immense amount. Not only is the growing amounts of data costing companies, but it's also putting them at risks for potential data breaches. 

So why is "de-cluttering" and gaining a complete overview of your company data so crucial? 
pg1_decluttring-1pg2_decluttering-1pg3_decluttHaving the right tools to give your organisation a complete overview of the data you work with is not only beneficial for identifying stale data, but it would also contribute heavily to your accountability to the obligations under the GDPR. PrivacyPerfect offers the ultimate privacy environment that ensures a cost-efficient solution for any organisation's GDPR compliance efforts. 

Work on different processings and assesments while having regular updates according to the GDPR, and numerous other vital key features to ensure your organisation a seamless experience in managing existing personal data under the GDPR. 

Are these the kind of features you're looking to find to take your organisation's compliance efforts to the next level? We'd love to hear from you.

Or are you especially more curious about what your next time and cost efficient solution to keeping up with GDPR will look like? Why not have a go on our 14-Day Free Trial? 

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