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Will you still determine your own travel destination in five years time?

Aug 8, 2019 2:25:40 PM / by Laurens Mommers

Remember when local travel agencies were so popular? Clearly, times have changed, and most of us now arrange travel online. However, besides its ease, it could also mean that we might not be the ones picking our travel destination in five years time: AI will do it for us, based on our data, that we provide now.

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11 DPIA-triggers explained by Hollywood blockbuster movies

Aug 1, 2019 4:31:46 PM / by Laurens Mommers posted in Data Privacy, Data Protection, DPO, Data Protection Officer, GDPR Compliance Program, gdpr, DPIA

We have now introduced a new DPIA module within our software. Besides all the serious stuff in and around it, we wanted to do something more in line with the time of year: summer, vacation, relaxation and fun. So we matched movie fragments with each of the eleven DPIA triggers that were issued by the European Data Protection Board. Seen all these movies? Relive the excitement. Never seen any of them? Check out the fragments and see if they’re worth a search on Netflix.

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