PrivacyPerfect’s new Data Subject Request (DSR) Form

Datalekken komen in iedere organisatie voor. Hoe ga je hiermee om en praktische tips om te voorkomen dat het nogmaals gebeurt.

Betrouwbare en eenvoudige privacy-naleving met geautomatiseerde transfer impact assessments

Data protection starts with vendor risk management

How to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, why is it hard, and who can help you?

AP waarschuwt voor privacyrisico’s in het onderwijs - het onderwijs is aan zet

Exclusive: Interview with 'Take Back Your Privacy' foundation on their mass privacy claim against TikTok in the Netherlands

As French automated audits of cookie consent rules continue, non-compliant websites face sanctions

The updated EDPB recommendations on supplementary measures - What’s needed for compliant transfers

SCC and other news: Rapid developments for international transfers

What is Third-Party Risk Management

When Do I Need a Data Processing Agreement?

Android privacy issue discovered - Dutch halt alerting contacts via COVID app, other countries likely also impacted

DPIAs as a tool for Schrems II compliance

No Brexit for personal data flows? & how to prepare to prevent gaps

French privacy authority new cookie rules enter into force

What we can learn from the €475.000 fine

France's highest administrative court clarifies Schrems II requirements

Could the proposed U.S. federal privacy law be enough for free data flow between the EU and U.S., or is a Privacy Shield replacement ‘years away’?

Zorg: DPIA op bestaande verwerkingen?

Data Subject Rights under California privacy laws CCPA and CPRA

Dutch healthcare organisations and data breaches - a way forward

Facebook, Google, Whatsapp... what’s up with the tech giants and privacy nowadays?

Facebook case: the CJEU's AG opinion is out - should international companies worry?

How to assess privacy risks in regard to your organisation's website

Belgian Data Protection Authority able to suspend GDPR non-compliant .be domain names within 14 days of notification

EDPB Recommendations explained to ensure compliance after Schrems II

Brexit checklist for data protection

Cookies and other trackers: French supervisor publishes amended guidelines & recommendations

First code of conduct approved by Dutch DPA: What is it, and why is it important?

A month and a half after the Schrems II ruling

Transfer of personal data to the US deemed illegal - key steps that your organisation can take after Schrems II

Doorgifte persoonsgegevens naar VS onwettig - belangrijke stappen die uw organisatie kan nemen na Schrems II

PrivacyPerfect introduceert nieuwe DSR-module voor eenvoudig afhandelen informatieverzoeken

Remote working & Data security

Overcoming the challenges of conducting a DPIA

PrivacyPerfect behaalt ISO 27001-certificering voor databeveiliging

Healthcare institutions and GDPR compliance in a digital world

What the outcome of the upcoming ruling in Facebook Ireland vs Schrems can mean for your organisation and how to prepare for the 16th of July

All you need to know about Data Processing Agreements

Data Subject Requests under GDPR vs CCPA

The future of data processing in driverless cars

The most important statistics relating to data protection that you need to know about

Checklist for DPOs starting at a new company

DSRs: practical challenges and guidance for process optimisation

8 GDPR compliance tips explained by Queen songs

10 Steps to get you started for your organisation's GDPR compliance

Healthcare institutions and GDPR compliance in a digital world

GDPR Easy Read: How decisive is it for your company's compliance efforts to provide the DPO with the right resources?

How can your organisation recover after a personal data breach?

GDPR Easy Read: How crucial is it to gain a complete overview of company data for cutting down unnecessary costs?

Debunking 5 common GDPR myths

GDPR Easy Read: Is data privacy a key selling point for brands?

An Easter story: GDPR compliance

Guidance on the GDPR for higher educational institutes

Why internal data breaches happen and how to reduce the risk of one

How to gain C-level support for your compliance efforts

GDPR Easy Read: Are CISOs facing even more challenges?

Are you a Non-EU company? Eight things to know about the obligation to appoint an EU (GDPR) representative

All you need to know about Data Processing Agreements

Opportunities Abound In Law Firm GDPR Compliance

How to overcome the challenges of responding to DSARs

How to find the right DPO for your organisation?

How can organisations create the perfect privacy statement?

What benefits and opportunities does data minimisation hold for businesses?

Is 'Privacy by design' or 'Privacy by default' the best option for YOUR organisation?

How has the GDPR strengthened email marketing?

How can GDPR compliance efforts benefit you as an NGO?

Data Breaches: The Business Risk of the Decade

GDPR Compliance is Becoming a Key Point for Brands

A Christmas Story: GDPR Compliance

Companies and the Race for Compliance

Is CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) The Same as GDPR?

GDPR for SMEs: Benefit or Burden?

Facial Recognition & GDPR: The Good, The Bad, and the Problematic

Brexit Postponed, Not Cancelled - How to Keep Sharing Data After Brexit?

How to Create a Data Privacy Culture in the Workplace with the help of the GDPR?

Data Transfers: In & Out of the EU

A Cautionary Tale: The Brief Look Into the Future of Personalisation

Discounts & Data: GDPR for Retailers

Breach don’t kill my vibe: ways to mitigate a data breach

Ad Tech and Privacy Law Compliance: A Complicated Relationship

Could Personal Data be the New Cost for Health Progression?

Back in the urban jungle - Latest data privacy happenings (3/3)

Flying back home - Catch up on data privacy happenings on your flight back home (2/3)

Say goodbye to mojitos on the beach, welcome back to work: Catch up on data privacy happenings (1/3)

Will you still determine your own travel destination in five years time?

11 DPIA-triggers explained by Hollywood blockbuster movies

The Making Of: How we baked a new DPIA module

Comparing CMS’s from a privacy perspective: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla vs HubSpot

Facial recognition and data protection: Will you collect happy points for good citizenship in 2025?

The future of data processing in driverless cars: the shift from connected to autonomous

The insider’s guide to cookies: What are they and what type of cookies are there?

Is the GDPR fulfilling its real purposes in the age of fake news?

Okay Virtual Assistant, make me GDPR compliant - One year down the road

Creating a data protection policy: 6 useful tips

Five simple tips to protect your online privacy

EU GDPR fallout in five years’ time: Ten bold predictions

How to create a successful GDPR compliance program: Communication

GDPR: 10 Months down the road

How to create a successful GDPR compliance program: The execution

8 GDPR compliance tips explained by Queen songs

How to create a successful GDPR compliance program: The preparation

Data Protection Impact Assessment triggers: Clarity or confusion?

Marketing under the GDPR - 7 things marketers must know

The beginner's guide to cookies - use, necessity and compliance

Consent under GDPR: All you need to know

Why data protection authorities do need to facilitate software companies

How can I transfer personal data across EEA borders under the GDPR?

Extending the GDPR across the borders of the EU: data protection in the EEA

How to cope with the vagueness of article 30 GDPR

Safeguarding your reputation under the GDPR

International data transfers in a nutshell

Who’s Who in the GDPR: controller versus processor

GDPR Compliance for SMEs – Is Everybody Up to Date?

What should a data breach notification contain?

Appointing a Data Protection Officer: A Must Have or a Why Not?

Can dynamic IP addresses constitute personal data?

Debunking Seven Major Myths about the GDPR

Time is Up: Are All Member States Ready for the GDPR?

What is a data breach, and where do I have to report it under the GDPR?

GDPR Glossary: the nine concepts & how they’re connected

Do SMEs need to keep record of their processing activities?

A never-ending story: your organisation’s processor chains

Is there a software solution for GDPR compliance?

What are the obligations of YOUR organisation under GDPR?

7 steps to gain quick-wins in GDPR compliance

Fines to be imposed by the Supervisory Authorities under the GDPR

EU U.S. Privacy Shield: a Tale of Two Continents

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